How to keep the kitchen clean while cooking?

Love to cook and hate to clean?

From empirically proven fact, dishwashing causes more relationship distress than any other household task. But it's often the people who can't stand doing the dishes and they choose to avoid them - leaving all plates covered in sauces and crumbs, bowl with a layer of oil and sticky. Spoons, forks, and knives all gummed with this and that. Finally, dirty dishes and unwashed kitchen appliances filled the kitchen sink and emitted a foul smell that couldn't stand. After a long day of work, preparation, cooking, and, for many, problems come: Who's going to do the dishes?

To me, I follow the general rule of doing dishes - don't leave dishes in the sink overnight even soaked. I know...i truly know,  the part of " not letting them pile up" tends to be a bit challenging while living with multiple people. So what's next?

The most common tip? Do a quick wash up/ wash as you go

Wash dishes while cooking, or immediately afterward. While I am waiting for the oven to heat up or water to boil, I usually first clear the countertop and containers, utensils have been used and wash it all over. You may say "If I use dish soap, my cooking and food will be contaminated by dish soap suds.” To be honest, I Never Use Dish Soap for Dishwashing, but Skylarlife wood fiber pad

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As you use detergent and normal cloth to clean the spillover on the countertop, how can you make sure the detergent is washed away by running water? so it’s time to change the tools you use to clean that will help you to have a detergent-free/ chemical-free lifestyle.

For instance, you can’t rinse your microwave oven after spraying detergent inside, but only wipe the detergent off. If the detergent isn’t rinsed thoroughly, their residues may be harmful to the human body

How to keep the kitchen clean while cooking?Photo from iStock


The only well-designed kitchen cleaning pad that will blow you away!!


Dual-sided Material and Non-Scratch

Skylarlife wood fiber pad has double-sided material with multi-usage: premium wood fiber side to clean the oil grease surface while the microfiber scrubby side to rub the tough grime effectively. Also, it contains no steel, especially great for non-stick pots and pans safely, avoid scratching and you can scrub away without harming Teflon coatings.

How to keep the kitchen clean while cooking?

Ultra-Oil Resistant

The magical part is the pad is ultra-oil resistant and antibacterial, once the pad is wet, moisture can penetrate into the inner layer of the wood fiber, and oil stain and grease will be detached and washed away easily, leaving your dishes gleaming and spotless. It can prevent the food from being contaminated by dish soap suds and leaving any chemical on the pans/ pots for the next use. So, at the end of the meal, I just have to wash the utensil I used to eat and the last pan as most of my prep dishes are already done while cooking. Doesn't seem much less arduous?

How to keep the kitchen clean while cooking?


Antibacterial and Prevent food residue

Sponges are "the biggest reservoirs of active bacteria in the whole house. Given that the amount of food residue sticks on and inside the porous surfaces with numerous moist haven, meanwhile, as the sponge never dries, it provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, and you never rinse all the food out of the sponge that makes your sponge stay dirty anytime. I believe there is no one who can stand with stinky sponge or cloth in your kitchen. If so, this wood fiber pad is perfect for you.

How to keep the kitchen clean while cooking?

Skylarlife wood fiber pad is innate with antibacterial function and deodorizing function. As all food residue and grease would be detached and easily washed away under the water, it prevents bacteria from breeding on the pad and is more durable. Even using several months, the wood fiber looks new and no food residue can be hidden into our wood fiber pad. Skylarlife wood fiber pad possesses a good ventilation mechanism that quick to dry and cut off the way of bacterial growth on the cleaning pad and result in odorless, it can maintain a long-lasting antibacterial effect even after 100 times of cleaning and washing. This is what you need in your kitchen as a must-have cleaning tool.

How to keep the kitchen clean while cooking?


Ergonomic Design and Handy

Compared to a normal dishwashing sponge which is stuff and not bendable, we remodel it as a leaf-shaped pad with a super handy thickness that provides a comfortable grip when cleaning and scrubbing the dishes or utensils.
Its soft and bendable design is perfect to clean every detail of the container and irregular kitchenware, e.g. refrigerator, countertop, wall tiles, etc…

How to keep the kitchen clean while cooking?


Try this pad, In love with dishwashing 

After using Skylarlife wood fiber pad, I believe you would be in love with dishwashing without using any dish soap, cause no irritation to your skin and body, and contributing a chemical-free cleaning lifestyle and well cared for your hands. 



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