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Reviews on Amazon

Darryl Campbell

We recently bought an old house that had last been renovated in 2006. In that time the shower did not get much cleaning and had some mold growth, especially around the seals. We tried using bleach and other mold remover products with partial success. After one application of this one, the mold was gone.

Eduardo Pagani

Absolutely amazing. I actually visited Amazon to buy silicone gel, masking tape and a tool to fix my bathroom door. Through an Amazon recommendation I found this product. The positive reviews convinced me to get it and I was not disappointed. Check out the before and after pictures. My bathroom glass area was looking pretty bad and, after one application most of the black mold was gone. So, as recommended in the instructions, I repeated the application and it looks a lot better now. I used quite a bit of the product and, after 2 applications, I still have 2/3 of the tube left for future applications. Highly recommended product. Will definitely buy it again.

Oscar Padilla

I was skeptical because nothing else seemed to clean the grout in corners or shower door along the base. I put some of this stuff overnight and everything looked new. I wish I had taken before and after photos. It smells like bleach but not aggressively so.


Easy to apply. No scrubbing. Mold was gone in a few hours. The directions say to use rubber gloves. I didn’t and my hands smelled like bleach for few hours, so be advised. This beats the heck out of anything I’ve ever tried to take mold off of grout. Worth the price. The bottle is small, so I bought two. But, one was enough for one shower enclosure with mold on maybe 25 percent of the grout.