Beware of these material cookware! No scratching by sourcing pad, wire brush, emery sponge

Stop using abrasive sponge clean your Non-stick coating materials

A good nonstick pan is really expensive so we should take good care of it to prolong its lifespan. Using an abrasive scrubber or metal scrubber to wash your nonstick cookware is unwise unless you want to buy a new one because they will scratch the coating of the cookware.

Stop using abrasive sponge clean your Non-stick coating materials

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What happens if the non-stick coating is scratched?

1. Nonstick coatings may flake into your food

When your nonstick pans are scratched, some of the nonstick coatings can flake into your food and the pan also becomes stickier. Those food particles will start sticking to the metal and your pan will then become less effective.

2. They may release toxic compounds

Many rice cookers have an inner pot made of aluminum coated with non-stick Teflon. The use of metal or abrasive scouring pads will eventually scratch off the coating of the rice cooker. This will release dangerous chemicals or even worse, toxic chemicals if it is overheated. If there are some grime inside the pot, please soak for a while before scrubbing it.

Instead of an abrasive sourcing pad, Let’s TRY

Skylarlife Wood Fiber Kitchen Cleaning Pad

Dual-Sided Material & Non-Scratch

Dual-Sided Material & Non-Scratch

Skylarlife wood fiber cleaning pad has double-sided material with multi-usage:

  • Premium wood fiber side to clean the OIL GREASE surface with detergent and take good care of the nonstick coating with its soft material
  • Microfiber scrubby side to rub the TOUGH GRIME effectively

Also, it contains no steel, especially great for non-stick pots and pans safely, avoid scratching and you can scrub away the grime without harming Teflon coatings

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